Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blogpost # 5 Trading Card

We are at the end of this journey in LIS 753. It has been so enlightening. I have learned and experienced so much. This is my trading card that I thought I would use with students, to help them in their study of Chicago. Each card would represent an important part of the city, important people, places to go, things to do. I think it would help students in learning about their city. Trading cards serve to be fun and exciting for all. Students could choose and take an image then write text that would be important for them to learn. They could work in groups and trade their cards as they learn.

This is great, I have been so excited to learn and benefit from so much technology. I cannot wait to further explore and see how I may adapt other uses. Flickr alone has so much to offer. Being able to work with various photos is fun, creative and makes me want to do more. I get more comfortable each time I try using new tools. I thought this project on Chicago would get positive attention from most students. Chicago is my kind of town!

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Allison Harrell said...

I love your library card. great picture. You could make some postcards as well. Allison