Friday, March 2, 2007

Blogpost #4 Technology

I just spent two very enjoyable days at the Illinois Technology Conference For Educators (IL-TCE). It was held at The Pheasant Run Resort & Convention Center in St. Charles, Illinois.

David Pogue, was the keynote speaker on Thursday morning. His presentation, "The Digital Generation Comes of Age" was not only enlightening but very entertaining. His examples and comparisons helped put a better perspective on the future of the digital generation.

It was so difficult to choose which session to attend, they all sounded so fantastic. There were presentations on Blogging, Podcasting, Wikis, Digital Storytelling, and Collaborative Learning to name some. Most of the sessions I attended were so encouraging and a great contribution to the learning community.

I was especially interested in Charlene Chausis' presentation "My Friend Flickr". She captivated me with her enthusiasim and various techniques used to integrate Flickr into her teaching and learning units. It was also neat, because Michael Stephens is one of the people that Chausis lists to view his photos. It was good to see a familiar face.

Adam Frey gave a superb hands-on presentation about Wikis. I felt good about all the new information that I was absorbing and eager to continue my learning process. It was such a worthwhile experience. I definitely would recommend attending.


Allison Harrell said...

Hi Mary,
Although, I am not a school librarian, I imagine the conference would have been informative and enlightening for most of us in this profession. This library 2.0 has all been so exciting and challenging, but overwhelming as well. Seeing it in context in the real world must bring it full circle as a practical and usable tool for teaching. I'm curious to know if the more controversial topics, myspace, gaming, and 2nd life was discussed during the conference.
On another note, it is fun to see Micheal Stephens's name pop up again and again. It seems no matter where you are with regards to library 20 there he is. It reminds me of "where is Waldo." I mean that in the nicest way. Allison

Allison Harrell said...

Hey mary, I also posted to your topic on wikis. Just to let you know. Allison