Saturday, February 3, 2007

Blogpost #2 Podcasting

"Podcasting 101 for K-12 librarians" was refreshing to read. I work with students in these grades and want to keep as current as I can. There were many excellent ideas about ways to use podcasts and how to go about introducing them within a school. The format of the article was easy to read and understand. It seems that podcasting is new and what students enjoy. When they like what they are learning it makes teaching so much easier and rewarding. I also am eager to learn more about this area, so I found this article very informative. It gives a good, basic understanding using definitions and examples.

Using certain podcasts for research and various workshops seems to be an excellent use of time and money. We just need to sell this idea to the people who determin the budget. I do think if money was not an issue we would get so much more accompolished. Unfortunately, we must plan and make these issues our priorities. It is extremely important that librarians stay as current with technology so that we could better guide students with their studies. Podcasts seem useful and exciting today. Ipods and MP3 players are popular items and if students could learn through the use of this type of technology we should try to use it in teaching.


Michael Stephens said...

Some schools BAN iPods...they don't recognize the potentiasl of the hardware or "soft skills" that go along with the devices! Good post.

Brian said...

One way to help sell administrations on newer technology is to use free, open source software. It's true that time/training still cost money, but budget-makers are often surprised to hear that many hot Web 2.0 goodies with educational value are free.